Instrument Amnesty Scheme

As part of our ongoing efforts to make music more accessible we have developed our Instrument Amnesty Scheme. It works like this:

We ask people to donate unwanted and unused instruments to us which we then renovate and refurbish. We then either rent or sell them at very affordable prices. This ensures that we are providing a low cost but very usable instrument. The typical price range for these instruments is between £15 and £40. They are mainly student/beginners instruments but crucially we make sure that they are fit for purpose. This isn’t always the case with new instruments that are sold as student models.

Often, new instruments sold for under £40 are so badly prepared that it has a negative affect on the user and in most cases results in people giving up playing.

Our hope is that we can prevent this from happening and give people a positive start to their learning journey.

Pre owned instruments

We carry a large selection of pre-owned instruments. Some are trade-in models, some have been bought in. All are given a full inspection and, if required, serviced and/or refurbished to a high standard.