Lessons in Lockdown

Updated: Mar 4

It seems a lifetime ago that lockdown started in March 2020. Trying to keep things normal for a 9 year old seemed a challenge. No school, no clubs, no outside activity... But my 9 year old kept picking up his drum sticks and playing. Our drum teacher George got in contact, and the virtual world of WhatsApp and FaceTime drum lessons began.

Before we knew it, our grade 2 drummer was continuing to develop and soon we had nailed Top Loader and Lenny Kravitz. Even Mum and Dad were learning the steps of how to learn a new piece of music.

It wasn't always easy, and there were times when you could feel the frustration from the little man that Mum had to hold the phone up for the call while the lesson took place. Backing tracks ran from iPads through dodgy speakers and it all went a bit wrong every now and again. However, on the whole - the lessons were great.

When September came around, there was relief all around as Core Music opened its doors again and with all the improved health and safety, hand sanitising and one way systems in place, drumming finally got back to normal. My son was absolutely thrilled to be back in the room and back in the groove again. "Nothing beats face to face lessons" he said. No sooner had we got back into the new routine when lockdown 2.0 kicked in. Noooooo! As frustrating as it was, we reverted to the online lessons, and off we went again.

It is harder and it takes more time for my son to learn remotely, but with perseverance and some great teaching, we are almost ready to go with Grade 3 - however that takes place. One thing is for certain, as soon as face to face lessons can return at Core Music, we will be back. Its nice to know the team at Core will be ready and waiting. We've got this!

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